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My opinion about flipped learning.

Back in 2015, when I take a Diploma in Adult Continuing Education (DACE), to enhance my teaching capabilities in several private training providers, I had always thought of a better method of studying for knowledge.

I was an IT trainer in several private Muslim institutions like Mendaki, Muhammadiyah, and SSA consultants to name a few before I joined the PA as an adjunct IT trainer.

At that time I was already thinking of writing to WSQ and the Ministry of Education to make some changes to the Adult learning education system to make it more as western flipped learning, but I procrastinate.

This attending of classroom and insensible role play gets into my nerve.

The reason is, I was feeling lethargic after a hard, stressful day and have to go to a night class of 3 hours, wasting time, transportation, and energy.

As I have observed in the past classes, as the lecturers rattled the students settled, mostly the elder adults seem to fall asleep during lectures. Upon research, I discover that the western countries had already done flipped learning and with most productive results. But we in Singapore back then were not yet ready.

I also noticed that senior and junior adults alike do not have good retention memory power. Back then I had suggested doing a video recording of such an important course, as we can revise regularly at our own time in the comfort of our home. But nothing happens. I noticed several dropouts of students on the DACE cohorts.

What is Flipped learning? Flipped learning is a method that helps teachers to prioritize active learning during class time by assigning students lecture materials and presentations to be viewed at home or outside of class. In Flipped classrooms, students handle their learning. Which is an acceptable condition for working adults.

Adult learners are starving for knowledge. They will spend their precious time poring over study materials such as lecture notes and videos. Flipped learning made the teacher role, that of a coach and mentor. With the flipped classroom model, students have to prepare for meetings with their teachers- again, a very effective way to retain their knowledge. During this time, both the student and teacher can target the application and understanding of the study material.

Covid19 is actually a boon to educators and learners alike. They can cover much knowledge in a short time with little time-wasting, fatigue-driven effort.

However, I would like to add that there can be a slight disadvantage in a flipped classroom if it is not governed well by the lecturer. The lecturer is the governing figure. He controls the floor. In adult education, we stress “peer collaboration and support learning”. This will help each student excel together. It is the role of the lecturer to make sure there is camaraderie amongst the students.

So far in my Writers’ Training Program, I see a delightful combination of lecturers and students alike forming a good team spirit. We could build alumni of sorts that keep us in touch and collectively help each other strive for our own “smart’ goals.

A writer’s journey
a writers journey

The Best Of Both Worlds

We are now on our 5th module on our journey to become a certified writer in an SG United Writers’ Training Program.

The Writers’ Training Program, makes us aware of the fundamentals of being a responsible and well -balanced writer, and introducing us to a world of fun and excitement

The takeaways till now are:

In the first module, we are introduced to “Becoming a professional in a digital workplace”. This module made me understand the work trends and job requirements of the future. I got to regularly keep abreast of market and technological trends. I am made aware that it is not enough to use social media and networking but I have got to know the insights of my social media. As a digital professional. I got to learn about streamlining my products and services on videos. I have got to learn to communicate and take lessons remotely using the latest web conferencing tools. It introduced me to popular and useful apps in our daily life. I was aware of the importance of cybersecurity in daily and workplace applications. As a professional in this digital age, we got to be familiar with data analytics and how data can be used at work. Lastly, I made aware to identify fake news and to embrace lifelong learning of new technology evolutions.

In the 2nd module, we embark on a journey of “Get noticed” in a professional social media arena LinkedIn. Linkedin opens a whole new world of networking with professionals and headhunters. Up till now, I am ignoring Linkedin. In this lesson, I began to create the recommended approach to rewriting my Linkedin profile, features, achievements about us, and so forth. I even get a professional photo of myself. This action no doubt will get the headhunters out there, to take a second look. I even get to learn about creating a little-known but highly effective SEO tool “Google sites and Google business”.

The 3rd module teaches us about the psychology of a writer and the environment. We are doing a self-analysis using free software on the internet to understand ourselves better and also to be aware and understand the characters, that we are writing about. How to stabilize our mind if we get too engrossed with the character is one example. It makes us aware of the mental hazards of being a writer and the precautions to observe.

Branding and REBRANDING myself came next. I did a competitive analysis of myself. What is my strengths and weaknesses? What are opportunities open to me, and what are the threats? How to go about solving the weaknesses and optimizing my strengths. How to go about capitalizing the opportunities and reducing the threats. It prompted me to start doing a SMART goal for myself!

I am now into module 5 where we got our wings to start writing in baby steps. We are made aware of the fundamentals of writing, which includes various forms of article to write, to identify the purpose of writing a particular article, to identify the target user, Identify the unique aspects of the communication medium or platform. To apply the principles of grammar, to understand the layout of different articles in an organized manner.

Also, we are to be aware and to take seriously accurate and reliable sources and to avoid potential legal implications and other issues from arising.Attempt Block Recovery

As you can see the lessons are conducted systematically to prepare and condition us for a writing career.

Top 6 Benefits of Joining Membership Websites
membership website

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Your association with a membership website sends the message that you are serious about your profession. You began to accumulate friendship among members and your business contacts will increase.

2. Education.

A membership organization–conducts courses and webinars, shares free knowledge and tips from time to time on business and marketing topics only to members.

3. Perks.

A business membership website are for members only, so we will offer any business events cheaper to members than non-members.

4. Networking.

The actual power of a business membership organization lay in the opportunities for networking. On this website, our member’s directory -is the place where you will be able to exchange ideas and collaborate on business deals. A strong professional network can bring business success. Networking will not only help you get customers and business deals, but will give you a competitive edge throughout every stage of your business. “It is not only what you know, but whom you know”. Networking is about establishing and nurturing long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with the people you meet. On a membership website, you will get to know each other informally and in a relaxed environment.

Most business experts agree that the most connected people are often the most successful. When you invest in your relationships — professional and personal — it can pay you back in dividends throughout the course of your business life.

Networking will help you develop and improve your skill set, stay on top of the latest trends in your industry, keep abreast of the job market, meet prospective mentors, partners, and clients, and gain access to the resources that will further your career development.

5. Profile.

A business membership website provides you with an avenue to present your profiles and your business activities in the privacy of your own domain.

I6. A Competitive Strategy

A membership websites relate information specific to “my world”, “my business establishment” “my work scope”. Questions such as: What are the environmental conditions in my market? What are the hottest topics in my region? Which laws or regulations should I be mindful of? How much should I charge for my work? What do my peers get paid? Who’s leading the way here? A membership website, will provide answers to questions such as these.

The second competitive strategy, of a membership organization, is to transform and adapt which is relevant to its members’ needs, to keep abreast of the latest trends, and be on the front foot with emerging technologies and pedagogies.

The Future of Membership Organizations

We predict a viable future for membership websites. As we continue to evolve to meet the needs of our members. . If each individual member feels that he or she is receiving value for joining our websites – then that’s what really matters.

Are you presently experiencing these symptoms as a work-at-home entity?.

  1. Loneliness?

  2. Depression?

  3. Lack of funds for expansion?

  4. Lack of expertise?

  5. Lack of business administration and organization?

  6. Lack of friendship?

  7. Lack of guidance and support?

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An interview with Azy Alias, a Production & Stage Manager
The lady with a vision
The lady with a vision

Acting out the mission for the vision


She graduated from Nanyang Technological University- with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Literature, in 2013.

Became a Production/Stage Manager till 2020, in Freelance Theatre in Singapore.

Azy studied English Literature but mostly worked for the stage which more or less complement her Literature studies

In the last few years, she has worked with various local theatre companies and institutions as a Stage and Production Manager.

Most recently, she worked at The Necessary Stage (TNS) as their Production Manager, managing shows such as “Off Centre” (2019); “Underclass”  by TNS and Dramabox; ”Sanctuary” , a collaboration between TNS and Hanchu-yuei from Tokyo; and “Those Who Can’t, Teach” (2018). 

She was also the Production Manager for “Mergers and Accusations” (2019) as part of The Studios series by Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay.

Azy also designs for the stage. Her design credits include: ”Rumah Hantu” by akulahbimbosakti, “Glam Teater Muzikal”  by Teater Muzikal Collective; ”The Orange Production: Drip & Whale Fall – A Double – Bill”  by TNS; ”Absence | Presence”  by Just Theatre and Wright Assembly’s ”Alamat Baharu.”

As a Literature enthusiast, it does not take much imagination to find her, working part time in Kinokuniya Book Store, helping shoppers locate their favorite titles at lightning speed!

Intentions & Current project

She resigned from her job to give birth to a lovely baby boy.

Having spent the last decade in theatre, Azy is now looking at reconnecting with her background in writing. She is currently attending the SGUS – Writers’ Training Program.

She aspires to have her own website for ‘work-from-home-parents’ inspired and motivated by successful similar blogs from American bloggers.

She faces a bit of challenge during the transition from a full-time job to becoming a mother, but with her vision for the future, she fully propelled her mission to achieve her dreams.

But several American works- from-home-parents, motivated and inspired her to start a blog


Azy loves making things from scratch. Be it a theatre production, a dish or even a piece of writing, she loves the feeling of seeing her creation completed.

That also includes looking after her baby boy full time and watch him grow.

Her one piece of advice to others-“chase your dreams” upgrade and “get out of your comfort zone”