Our Brandstory:

ONLINETOWKAY.COM was established in March 2021 as a platform where micro business owners can come together to collaborate and leverage on each other.
The end goal is to raise the  standard of living and quality of life of its members and to create new opportunities by sharing and networking.
Online Towkay believes that there is growth and strength in numbers. Entrepreneurship need not be a lonely journey. Together, members of this community can explore and develop interest-based clusters, fresh insights, resource pooling and collective gains, things that are rather impossible to achieve when done alone.
This platform is yours, designed by business owners for business owners.

Benefits of Becoming a Member

Networking Opportunities

Online Towkay is designed to mutually support business growth through community building, resource pooling,  education, networking & strategic partnerships. Positioning itself as a Micro Business Club, we as business owners ourselves seek to give members the opportunity to network and share information and resources.

Mutual Benefits

Members of the Online Towkay Micro Business Club can help each other directly or indirectly with referrals and recommendations. Members can share business information and opportunities to new business owners with the aim to accelerate common growth within its category or industry.

Improved Business Climate

As a result of being a member of the Online Towkay Micro Business Club :- you can immediately grow your circle or network by getting to know each other online and offline. We have created groups and forum rooms to facilitate networking, resource sharing and any other activity that will further strengthen the business ecosystem.

Advance your business with the latest knowledge

Online Towkay Micro Business Members will be able to share current business knowledge such as how to start a business, how to automate your business with digital tools, how to grow your business through digitisation, how to enhance and expand your business as well as beneficial sharing of useful information.