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An interview with Azy Alias, a Production & Stage Manager
The lady with a vision
The lady with a vision

Acting out the mission for the vision


She graduated from Nanyang Technological University- with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Literature, in 2013.

Became a Production/Stage Manager till 2020, in Freelance Theatre in Singapore.

Azy studied English Literature but mostly worked for the stage which more or less complement her Literature studies

In the last few years, she has worked with various local theatre companies and institutions as a Stage and Production Manager.

Most recently, she worked at The Necessary Stage (TNS) as their Production Manager, managing shows such as “Off Centre” (2019); “Underclass”  by TNS and Dramabox; ”Sanctuary” , a collaboration between TNS and Hanchu-yuei from Tokyo; and “Those Who Can’t, Teach” (2018). 

She was also the Production Manager for “Mergers and Accusations” (2019) as part of The Studios series by Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay.

Azy also designs for the stage. Her design credits include: ”Rumah Hantu” by akulahbimbosakti, “Glam Teater Muzikal”  by Teater Muzikal Collective; ”The Orange Production: Drip & Whale Fall – A Double – Bill”  by TNS; ”Absence | Presence”  by Just Theatre and Wright Assembly’s ”Alamat Baharu.”

As a Literature enthusiast, it does not take much imagination to find her, working part time in Kinokuniya Book Store, helping shoppers locate their favorite titles at lightning speed!

Intentions & Current project

She resigned from her job to give birth to a lovely baby boy.

Having spent the last decade in theatre, Azy is now looking at reconnecting with her background in writing. She is currently attending the SGUS – Writers’ Training Program.

She aspires to have her own website for ‘work-from-home-parents’ inspired and motivated by successful similar blogs from American bloggers.

She faces a bit of challenge during the transition from a full-time job to becoming a mother, but with her vision for the future, she fully propelled her mission to achieve her dreams.

But several American works- from-home-parents, motivated and inspired her to start a blog


Azy loves making things from scratch. Be it a theatre production, a dish or even a piece of writing, she loves the feeling of seeing her creation completed.

That also includes looking after her baby boy full time and watch him grow.

Her one piece of advice to others-“chase your dreams” upgrade and “get out of your comfort zone”

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